REVIEW: Laser Square & Mat by WRM

I had the pleasure to check out the latest Laser Square & Mat by We R Memory Keepers. It’s the hottest thing to hit the shelves for calligraphers. It’s basically a replacement for the slider writer (which I have). Now you can’t find the Slider Writer anywhere. Not that you were missing out on much, because the laser never sat still, the apparatus was bulky and only right-handed users really could ever take advantage of the set-up. 

See above for the full video. Hayley & I got to play around with it (thanks to WRM for providing us with product). Check it out to see it in action. Some of the video we took was completely blown out, so there’s not a ton of footage of us using it. :( And speaking of technical difficulties, the mic (we decided to use a new mic) didn’t end up recording, so you get to hear my tinny room instead. #sorrynotsorry I’m not going to fix it. Next video will be better. We’re having fun figuring out this whole film production thing. 




  • You can take it apart. It’s a little hard to take the square part apart, but you can take the mat off easily and store it in a tight spot. 
  • No erasing! No need for drawing in lines on dark or opaque paper!
  • The laser is a little bit above the surface of the paper so it’s not so harsh on the eyes. 
  • You can set it up easily for lefties or for righties. 
  • The bottom has a grid, so you can easily keep your papers aligned!
  • The gridded mat is self-healing material!
  • The lasers don’t fall out of alignment easily. They stay in place until you want to move them. 
  • The work area is 12×12, allowing you to work on a wide variety of sized papers.



  • Each laser requires a 9v battery. 9v batteries aren’t very common, you can find rechargable 9v batteries, and I would definitely recommend getting some because replacing 9v batteries often is expensive!! 
  • The lasers weren’t perfectly aligned with the grid out of the box. I could do some minor 1/2 mm adjustments before using the laser, but ultimately it’s just a little off. But it stays the same degree off no matter where on the ruler you position the laser, so it’s consistent. 



  • I wish the laser angles could be repositioned so that I could align with the grid but also so the vertical laser could serve as an angle line. 
  • Hayley brought it up that it would be so cool if there were two lasers per axis point. Then you could set up x-heights or cap heights. 


Perfect for house drawings, right? Hayley did the cutest little house drawings using the laser lines as guides. 

This is great for dark envelopes. I really liked the flow. I could easily hold the paper down with my non-writing hand and reposition the envelope OR the laser to get new baselines for each line of text. 

What do you think? Will you be using one in your future? 


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Spring Motivational Quote Printable

I’m on Studio 5! It was so fun to go on to film this segment. I wanted to do something that related to spring and new beginnings and starting anew. So I found this quote as a little motivator. See the end of this post for the free file to download. FREE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. 


I’ve got 2 workshops coming up next month! Be sure to sign up before spots sell out! 

Modern Calligraphy Workshop – April 6th 5-8pm in Draper, UT! Learn basics of modern pointed pen calligraphy. 

Brush lettering & Watercolor Workshop – April 21 9-5pm in Bluffdale, UT! Come to Cents of Style headquarters for a DAY filled with watercolor, calligraphy, food and creativity. 

Who doesn’t need a motivator like this? I mean come on! I think you could print this out and mail it to your buddies who you know may be struggling through something. Even the most beautiful flowers still have to grow through dirt (and sometimes manure). I’m totally obsessed with Natalie Malan’s floral skills, so I thought i would put her most recent paper pack to good use and print the quote on there! It was easy peasy. See below for instructions and tools. 


Print out the quotes on a laser printer. If you don’t have one at home, head to your nearest copy center and have it printed on black and white on your desired paper. I loved how substantial this Natalie Malan paper pack was, but it went through my laser printer no sweat. 

Then turn on your laminator in the highest heat setting. Once it’s ready, cut out a piece of foil the size of the lettering (as to not waste foil material). Lay it overtop the printed area, slip inside a folded sheet of parchment paper and send through the laminator. 

Pull it out and remove the foil. TADA!! It’s done. 

I did experiment with watercoloring on plain paper after I did the foil transfer and it worked quite well! The chalkiness of the beginner paints, however stuck onto the foil so it wasn’t as mirror-like and shiny where I painted overtop the lettering. But it still turned out ok. Just an option. 


I know it’s super simple, but it’s so fun to add a little bit of gold sparkle to some pretty decorative paper! 

And if you don’t have access to gold foil, just print it black and white!! Look at how pretty just the black and white turned out….

This freebie is free for personal use only. Alteration or redistribution of this file is prohibited. If you’d like the artwork for commercial use, please contact      

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Progress Takes Time Flourishing Video Comparison

I didn’t get good overnight. In fact, I still have a long way to go. I have more classes to take, more practice to do and more tools to hoard. Last week I came across an old video I uploaded in 2013, I had had some practice under my belt. But not much. I was proud of this work: 


Now that I look back, I cringe. I should cringe at old work. Sure there are some pieces I’m still proud of, but would I keep working on improving if I didn’t find my old work a little cringe-worthy? Probably not. Dare I say that embarrassment feeds improvement? Maybe a little? 

So as one does, I re-did my old video. I’m happy with how it turned out. I’ve gotten better at my filming and editing process. I’ve gotten better at my flourishing and overall technique. But is this the end? Hardly. 

Tools used: 

I think my biggest pet-peeve is when a person or class claims the end or height of learning. You know that’s an utter lie. And if someone ever claims that, you know they don’t know beans about what they’re teaching or doing. Learning and improvement never stops; no matter the discipline or art form. I teach calligraphy. And I love teaching calligraphy. I love getting people started and seeing them run with it and graduate beyond my class to other classes, other disciplines, other passions to create a style that they truly own. 

If I were to critique this piece? I’d say the flourish coming off the ‘u’ is a little awkward. I should have done it off the ‘r’. And I should have written out a baseline guildeline, because I’m bouncing around with a little less purpose than a meandering baseline. And my ink got thick on the ‘sh’ connection. But good grief, I’m getting better.

The other thing is… I had a slew of negative comments on that old video. Someone told me to stop lettering all together, because I sucked. I ignored them, I think because I never got the notification of the comment in the first place (win!). I’ve got a little PSA for you… EVERYONE SUCKS WHEN THEY FIRST START ANYTHING. I was no exception. So what’s keeping you from learning something new? It’s okay to suck a little. It’s okay to suck a lot. Just keep at it. 

Want to see the before in action? Oh yeah….

Want to get better at calligraphy? Let me help you. I teach calligraphy online and in person (in Utah). You can register for my online class right here. I give personal one-on-one feedback to help you with targeted improvements. And my next in-person workshop is April 6th in Draper, UT. Register here.

Don’t get discouraged by slow improvement. With social media and instant gratification we’re used to with everything at our fingertips, it’s easy to get discouraged. Learning a new discipline takes time. And that’s okay. Doing something that’s not perfect is okay, too!! I don’t regret publishing that old video for a second. I put out the best I could do at the time. And I was proud of it! I look at that old video like a badge of honor.

Review: Resonate Collection Review from Ash Bush

I’m really, really excited about the review that’s coming at you today. Ashley Bush is one of the early students. She’s made an incredible business of freelance calligraphy and pensmithing. It’s so exciting to see when students really run with it and make calligraphy into a career. 

Ashley recently reached out to me to try out her resonate line. I’m really thrilled with how it’s turned out. It’s affordable, instagrammable and most importantly: comfortably functional. At $30 for these gorgeous marbleized pens, you really can’t go wrong. See the pen rest, tilted ink holder and pen holder in action in my YouTube video below. 


But if you’re not the video-watching type… Here are my pros & cons of each item offered in the collection…


PROS: Affordable, smooth/silky finish, easy to clean, made from resin so it won’t split, carrot holder for promoting whole arm movement (also a great holder style for arthritic hands), flange adjusted and pre-fit with a G-nib

CONS: It’s a little short. It feels nicely balanced in the hand, but I personally wish it were a little bit longer. I wouldn’t mind an angled foot, either. But the foot is still small enough for a carrot holder that it fits in most ink jars. 


PROS: Holds 2 holders for easily switching styles, pretty, heavy enough base that it doesn’t topple over.

CONS: has a slightly different finish on it than the pen, it’d be nice if it had the same matte finish. Not a deal breaker by any means. 


PROS: It tilts the jar just enough that you can get that last little bit of your ink out of the jar. It really works with very little ink!

CONS: It doesn’t do well with full jars of ink. I wish there were a second well that was upright for me to hold my ink when the jar was full, and then tilt when the jar was nearing empty. But I really rarely put my full ink jars in an upright inkwell holder anyway, so it might just be superfluous. 

BOTTOM LINE: It’s a no-brainer. Scrounge up $50 and snatch up the entire collection. But at the very least, get the holder. It’s a must. It’s so so good. GET ONE RIGHT HERE.

Life is Wild Time-Lapse Flourished Calligraphy Video

There’s 1 spot left for my in-person modern calligraphy workshop in Utah this upcoming Thursday night! Snag it HERE before it’s gone. I’ll have a new list of upcoming workshops for March & April next week, so stay tuned for that next week. Can’t make an in-person workshop? Check out my online classes here: Modern Calligraphy, Brush Lettering & Pointed Romans

This week’s video is a time-lapse flourishing of the quote: “Life is wild and wild is beautiful”. It pretty much sums up motherhood exactly. Pretty grateful for my little munchkins, but they sure are insane. 

I really loved lettering on this darling ombre paper. It’s quite lovely with the walnut ink, once I turn off the light pad. But it’s light/thin enough that I can use the light pad and guides underneath. See links below to shop my materials…

The video is sped up 2x. The calligraphy in real life took me about 5.5 minutes to create. I don’t want you to think that I’m that fast at calligraphy. I mean, fast isn’t bad, but if you’re just starting out… it’s no bueno. I tell every single student of mine to SLOOOOOOOW down. And I’m sure fast-paced videos like this one don’t help, but no one would watch a 5.5 minute video of the real-time version. Would they? So I sped it up. And I’m telling you I sped it up so you can just relax and try to go slowly when you practice. 

This last week I spent recovering from PRK eye surgery, nursing a little June bug with croup & ear infections, trying to retrain Felix to sleep at night and spending one-on-one time with our Miss Penelope (who often feels forgotten with the chaos that Felix & Junie bring). It’s been a wild week for sure, but a beautiful one at that. Hence the quote. ;)

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